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Some documentation may be incomplete or missing, we are working very hard to produce documentation and content for using Silent Dune. Please bear with us as we work on this site. Thanks!

About Silent Dune

Silent Dune is a suite of Open Source software to protect at the system and network levels. Silent Dune has two primary core directives, first; restrict system egress traffic by default and second; make managing network policies easy for administrators through automation and good command line and UI tools.

Silent Dune is currently for:

  • Sysadmins looking to set egress firewall rules on systems that is automated and easy to manage over time
  • IOT Device OEMs looking for simple bolt on security
  • Anyone that is interested in software that makes White Listing network traffic automated and simple

The stretch goal for Silent Dune is to have enough modules and support to fully secure egress traffic on a Linux desktop used by a non-sysadmin and still be perfectly usable. We have many ideas to make this stretch goal, if you are interested in helping please let us know.

Get started: Download Silent Dune

Why Silent Dune?

The one thing malware operators rely on is your systems to talk to them once they have been compromised. Silent Dune stops malware from communicating and being successful. Silent Dune is a tool by sysadmins for sysadmins to make sure every system is not talking to the wrong systems.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Pre-built packages for many enterprise platforms
  • Automated egress/ingress rule creation
  • Central system management
  • Alerts when un-authorized traffic is blocked
  • Easy to maintain over time
  • Open Source

Learn more about Silent Dune features

Use Cases

Silent Dune has multiple use cases

  • System and network level egress communications security
  • Network communications containment for legacy systems
  • Bolt on security for Internet of Things (IOT) devices

Learn more about Silent Dune features

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